FL-Series New Design Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Thin Material


$25,000.00 /Set

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This fiber laser cutting machine belongs to our FL series fiber laser cutter for sale. It mainly applicable to and commonly used in the advertising industry. It is suitable for many small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Economical Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine advantages

1. High-strength split plate welding bed
It can be loaded into the general container of 20’GP and 40’HQ and reduce the transportation cost to only 1/3 of the frame container transportation.
2. Split frame support table
Reduce the load of the bed structure, decrease the impact of material rushing on the bed structure, ensure the accuracy of the machine, and improve the loading weight of the table.
3. Subdivided Fluid Domain Dusting
The smoke exhaust device automatically senses the laser cutting position to open precise smoke exhaust, closes the non-cutting area for smoke exhaust, fully enclosed smoke control, increases suction, and removes smoke to the greatest extent.

Ospri Laser cutting head

Multi-level perforation

It has multi-level perforation process and ultra-fine cutting functions. Compared with Au3tech laser head, its cutting precision is higher, and the processing effect will be better.


Without human interference, the focusing speed can reach 10m/min, and the repeatability is about 50 microns.

Staggered blade table

This is a staggered blade designed by our designer, which increases the contact area with the plate and has a maximum load-bearing capacity.

Technical Parameters

Machine size 4470*2035*1950mm 4735*2251*1950mm
Working area 1310*2520mm 1515*3030mm
Positioning accuracy ±0.03mm ±0.03mm
Repositioning accuracy ±0.02mm ±0.02mm
Max. acceleration 1.5G 1.5G
Laser power 1kW – 2kW 1kW – 2kW
Laser Multiple options Multiple options
Focusing method Auto/manual Auto/manual
Max. running speed 140m/min 140m/min


Metal sheet laser cutting machines can cut a wide range of metals, even though highly reflective metals. For instance, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, titanium, nickel, and various alloys. The sheet metal laser cutting machine has extensive applications in decoration, infrastructure, construction, microelectronic, advertising, kitchen appliance, automobile and other equipment manufacturing, and other industries.

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