Q-Series High-precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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$23,000.00 /Set

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Compared with the previous machine, this machine has been improved in terms of Electric Lift Door, laser head and pull-out table This is an enclosed high-precision fiber laser cutting machine. The compact machine body saves floor space and improves the flexibility of the machine operation. With covered design, visual operation interface, the operator can easily master the skills of machine operation and ensure the safety of the operator. DXTECH, insist on providing customers with the best quality laser cutting machine!

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High-precision Medium Fiber Laser Cutting Machine advantages

1. Strong stability, high precision, and with no deformation for 20 years

The carbon steel structure has good toughness, excellent ductility, and great welding and heat treatment performance. Besides, the stress annealing and vibration aging function are used to deal with the stress in the welding and machining process of the machine tool, so that the machine is more durable.

2. Cast aluminum beam

After artificial aging and solution treatment, it has good integrity, high rigidity, great surface quality, high toughness and ductility, etc. The aluminum alloy has light weight and strong rigidity, which is conducive to high-speed movement and high-precision cutting of various graphics during the fast laser cutting process.

3. Marble countertops are more professional

Using marble countertops, it has the advantages of high precision, low linear expansion coefficient, no rust, easy maintenance, acid and alkali resistance, high hardness, wear resistance, etc. Therefore, it will ensure the good stability and high accuracy, as well as improve processing performance.

4. Fully enclosed cover

The laser protection glass cover has passed the European CE standard. And the smoke generated by laser cutting is filtered inside, which is safe and pollution-free.

Upgrade Series:

E – series

  • With 15s exchange platform, it can save time and improve efficiency
  • Power up to 6KW, can cut metal sheet within 25mm

It is suitable for industrial customers who require high processing efficiency.


FT – series

  • It can cut sheet and tube at the same time
  • One machine with two functions, saving cost
  • Plate up to 25mm, pipe up to 6m/220mm

Suitable for customers who need to cut metal sheets and pipes, but pursue cost-effective


S – series

  • Enclosed structure with fire and electricity protection
  • Internal and external dual monitoring system
Suitable for customers who have higher requirements for protection measures and processing efficiency

machine configuration

Fully enclosed protective cover

Eco-friendly and safer

Fully enclosed protective cover is designed to improve the safety of use. Equipped with a smoke purification system to avoid environmental pollution and protect the health of operators.

More stable

Compliant with EU and ISO standard certification, the weight of the bed can reach 10 tons, which makes the machine more stable when operating at high speed.

Aviation aluminum beam

1)It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, light weight, and high rigidity, which ensures high-speed movement during laser processing.

2)It has perfect dynamic performance, such as anti-distortion, anti-overturning, anti-deformation, etc., ensuring higher cutting accuracy.

Intelligent focusing laser head


Both the collimating lens and the focusing lens group are cooling accessories. Besides, the cooling airflow nozzle is added, which effectively protects the nozzle and the ceramics and prolongs the working time.

Chasing aperture:

Through the 35 mm aperture, the interference of stray light is effectively reduced.


Without human interference, the focusing speed can reach 10m/min, and the repeatability is about 50 microns.

Technical Parameters

Model 9090Q 1390Q 1313Q
Working area 905*905mm 1305*905mm 1305*1305mm
Machine size 2800mm*1900mm*1980mm 3100mm*1900mm*1980mm 3100mm*2330mm*1980mm
Machine weight 1.3t 1.4t 1.5t
Worktable bearing capacity 140kg 210kg 210kg
Positioning Accuracy ±0.03mm ±0.03mm ±0.03mm
Repositioning accuracy ±0.02mm ±0.02mm ±0.02mm
Max. acceleration 1.2G 1.2G 1.2G
Laser power 1-3kw 1-3kw 1-3kw
Laser Multiple options Multiple options Multiple options
Foucsing method Auto/manual Multiple options Multiple options
Max Running Speed 100m/min 100m/min 100m/min


Metal sheet laser cutting machines can cut a wide range of metals, even though highly reflective metals. For instance, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, titanium, nickel, and various alloys. The sheet metal laser cutting machine has extensive applications in decoration, infrastructure, construction, microelectronic, advertising, kitchen appliance, automobile and other equipment manufacturing, and other industries.

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