What are the common cutting materials for fiber laser cutting machines?

Stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, gold, silver, copper and aluminum.

What is the recommended power on 20mm stainless steel cutting?


How long does the fiber laser cutting machine last? How long is the warranty period?

At least ten years of service life, and the warranty period is three years.

Which industries can your laser equipment be used for?

Sheet metal processing, automotive industry, hardware tools industry, kitchen utensils industry, petroleum pipe industry, environmental protection equipment industry, etc.

Is there any radiation from the fiber laser cutting machine? If you are engaged in machine operation for a long time, do you need to wear any protective coat?

Laser radiation is mainly harmful for eyes and skin, so the operators should wear protective glasses of the appropriate wavelength. Please note that you can’t look directly at the laser beam at any time.

What is the cause of the intermittent light from the laser cutting machine?

It may be that the incorrect signal given by the board or the RF signal. It is recommended to contact our professional after-sales personnel for testing.

Does fiber laser cutting machine cut acrylic?

No, it doesn’t. Fiber laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting plates and pipes.

What are the optional accessories for fiber laser cutting machines?

It mainly include smoke purifier, voltage stabilizer, protective glass.

What are the main configurations of the cutting machine?

laser head, bed frame, water chiller, control system, pneumatic system, etc.

What is the processing length of the tube laser cutting machine?

About 3m-9m.

What are the auxiliary gases of the cutting machine? What materials are suitable for processing separately?

Oxygen and nitrogen are the most common. Nitrogen is mainly used to cut stainless steel, aluminum, brass, etc., and oxygen is mainly used to cut carbon steel.

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