DX-125T/3200mm ESA 630 CNC Press Brake Machine


$7,500.00 /Set

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DXPB-80T2000 Series Hydraulic CNC Press Brake Machine is our most popular model by volume. The studies made on the framework flections have allowed us to design a product that reacts in the most appropriate and responsive way to the mechanical solicitations, therefore guaranteeing a stable structure, thus a higher precision in bending. It is especially important to buy a CNC sheet bending press for enterprises related to metallurgy.

  • S630 Numerical Control System
  • Electrical Parts
  • German OKDO IPM series
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1.Fully Annealed Frame:DXTECH steel frames undergo annealing at over 600⁰ to relieve stress.and they are built to last years of heavy use without distortion.

2.Optimized Base Frasme:

  • Very stiff and stable base frame
  • Deformation simulation made by CAE
  • Stress points analysis
  • Usage of high-tech boring machines for extreme precision parts.

3.Quick Clamping Device:Equipped with a quick clamping device for the upper mold, which is convenient for changing the mold.

4.Safety:Lazersafe system ,Back safety barriers ,Machines with EC certification


1 Model 125T/3200mm
2 CNC System ESA S630
3 Nominal Force 1250kN
4 Table Length 3200mm
5 Distance Between Columns 1560mm
6 Throat Depth 350mm
7 Slider Stroke 200mm
8 Opening Height 460mm
9 Oil Pump 16F
10 Main Motor Power 7.5KW
11 Control Accuracy ±0.01mm
12 Number Of Control Axes 3 Axes (Y1, Y2)
13 Electrical Components Schneider
14 Ball Screw TBI
15 Back Gauge Guide Rail HIWIN


It is widely used in sheet metal bending, such as automobile, aircraft manufacturing, light industry, shipbuilding, container, elevator, railway vehicles and other industries.


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