CNC Automatic Channel Letter Bending Machine For Advertising


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CNC sign maker machine, CNC cnc channel letter aluminium profile bending machine is high Effective and accurate letter bending machine.It is professional machine for outdoor and indoor high quality advertising word, sign and lamp house like LED aluminum words,metal words, endless words, it is your economical and practical device for your business.

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  1. Fully automatic feeding, slotting and bending automatically according to the character of the font.
  2. The grooving method adopts high precision guide screw system and super-hardness white steel blade grooving method, which has low cost and good effect.
  3. Alternatefeedingand clamping mechanism, accurate feeding, no indentation on the surface of the material.
  4. The arc bending mode is alternate bending oftheupper and lower axis with high degree forming and synchronous bending of upper and lower axis.
  5. The bending system adopts high precision servo accelerator and decelerator system, which effectively solves the problem of stainless steel bending immobility.
  6. The adjustable pneumatic feeding device can adjust the size according to the hardness of the material to reduce the damage to the surface of the material.
  7. Humanized operation software, automatically adjust the groove depth, can quickly replace blades.
  8. The material height is 20-200mm and the thickness is 0.4-2mm.
  9. Suitable for stainless steel, galvanized sheet and flat aluminium plate.
  10. Special specifications can be customized.

Technical Parameters

Model DX-9200
Material Thickness Stainless steel:0.4-1.5mm

Flat aluminum:0.6-2mm

Material Width 20-200mm
Feeding Speed 2-8m/min
Bending Method Single Axis
Bending Radius 7mm(Min)
Drive Motor Servo Motor:2Pcs

Stepper Motor:2Pcs

Max Power 3.5KW
Input Voltage 220V
Air Compressor 0.6MPa
Supporting File DXF  PLT  AI
Machine Weight 380KG
Machine Size 1880mm*820mm*1650mm


The application range of the Channel Letter Bending Machine is generally in the advertising industry. When the advertising company needs to do the luminous characters for the shops,it needs to use the channel letter bending machine to make the production. The channel letter bending machine can process many materials aluminum profiles, aluminum strip ) and does not damage the material.The processing precision is high and the speed is fast. The material thickness and tool adjustments are all adjusted by software,more convenient and quickly.

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