Automatic Laser Welding Machine


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This welding machine has the function of auto focus, which can solve the welding of uneven end faces, and cooperate with the circulator to realize automatic welding of irregular products. This type of welding machine is widely used for precision welding of optical communication devices, medical, electronics, batteries, fiber optic coupling devices, kinescope electron guns, metal parts, mobile phone vibration motors, clock precision parts, automotive steel sheets, etc.

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1. Laser welding can realize spot welding, butt welding, stack welding, sealing welding, etc. for thin-walled materials and precision parts.
2. The use of high-power laser power supply can meet the 24-hour mass production, suitable for large production enterprises or users.
3. With the functions of automatic focusing and rotation, it can weld products of any shape in 3D space.
4. Using a special laser welding control system, it has the features of stable performance and simple operation.

Technical Parameters

Laser power 1000W, 1500W, 2000W
Laser source Fiber laser
Working mode Continuous or modulate
Laser wavelength 1080nm
Beam quality M2<1.2
Standard output laser power ±2%
Line width <5nm
Cooling system Water cooling
Working size 500x300mm


The laser welding machine is used to weld all kinds of metal materials. It can realize stainless steel mirror characters, stainless steel electroplating characters, stainless steel gold foil characters, precision stainless steel characters, precision aluminum characters, iron paint characters, etc. In addition, laser welding machines can also be used in lighting and mold industries, communication devices, medical, electronics, copper parts, aluminum parts and small welding processing industries.

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