80T2000mm CNC Press Brake Machine


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DXPB-80T2000 Series Hydraulic CNC Press Brake Machine is our most popular model by volume. The studies made on the framework flections have allowed us to design a product that reacts in the most appropriate and responsive way to the mechanical solicitations, therefore guaranteeing a stable structure, thus a higher precision in bending. It is especially important to buy a CNC sheet bending press for enterprises related to metallurgy.

  • CNC system: ESA S630
  • Control accuracy: ±0.01mm
  • Nominal force: 1000kn
  • Table length: 2000mm/2500mm
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1.The machine is advanced. The two oil cylinders are fixed on the left and right wallboards. The stress state of the whole machine is reasonable and the rigidity is sufficient.

2.The electro-hydraulic servo synchronization mode is adopted to ensure the synchronization of the oil cylinder, with good synchronization performance, strong anti bias load capacity and simple debugging. The stroke Y1 and Y2 of the two oil cylinders are controlled by a single controller, and two grating rulers are equipped to detect the displacement of the slider. The positioning accuracy can reach 0.02mm, and the repeated positioning accuracy is 0.02mm.

3.The rear material is controlled by numerical control.

4.All hydraulic valve groups of the product are bosch- rexroth special valve groups matched with numerical control, the oil cylinder seals are Japanese NOK products, the grating ruler is German Heidenhain products, and the main electrical components are imported components.

Technical Parameters

No. Item Parameter
1 Power supply 220V 3PH 50HZ
2 Power supply stability ±10%
3 Install the laser ambient temperature 5~40 ℃
4 humidity 20—85%
5 Electrical control cabinet IP40
6 Control box IP45
7 Number of control axes 4+1(Y1、Y2、X、R+V)
8 V-axis form Mechanical compensation
9 Nominal force 800KN
10 Table length 2000mm
11 Distance between columns 1600mm
12 throat depth 360mm
13 Slider stroke 200mm
14 Maximum opening height between  worktop and slider 460mm
15 Oil pump 16F
16 Main motor power 7.5KW
17 Machine outline dimension 4200*1600*1300mm
18 Travel Y-axis 0-9999.99mm
19 Display resolution 0.01mm
20 control accuracy ±0.01mm
21 Programming angle 10-180°
22 Bending speed 0.1-20.0mm/s
23 Maximum bending steps 25


It is widely used in sheet metal bending, such as automobile, aircraft manufacturing, light industry, shipbuilding, container, elevator, railway vehicles and other industries.


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